Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy underlines the rules of interacting with (henceforth called “the website,”, “us,” “our,” and “we”). The binding document explains how we gather, process, use, and store your (the reader’s) private data. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. follows strict safety protocols to protect user data from unauthorized access. This Privacy Policy does not override existing data protection laws and is not to be misrepresented as an exemption from the law. The law of the land is the ultimate guide for adequately using this Privacy Policy.

The Data We Use

The nature of the data we collect varies over time, and we will update this section to reflect the changes appropriately. Users are advised to read the terms periodically to stay updated with the changes. As of now, we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • IP Address

The website retains the right to claim additional data you voluntarily submit through forms and fan submissions. We accept content contributions as long as they add value to the website. retains executive ownership of every piece of content you submit to the website, and we may use, alter, and recreate the materials as we deem fit without your approval.

Who Has Access to Your Data? is the primary entity responsible for storing and using your information to the extent of this Privacy Policy. However, we may have to share the data with third parties to enhance your browsing experience. And as we add partners to the business, new entities will gain access to the data.

All third parties with access to user information will have a formal authorization letter from us as part of our confidentiality agreement. The only instance when a third party gains access to your credentials without our permission is when merges with a new entity, changes ownership, or rebrands.

Why Do We Need Your Personal Information?

We collect user data to establish and optimize what we offer. We better understand your browsing patterns, history, and interests by gathering and analyzing user data. And we use this knowledge to create customized experiences for your future interactions with the site.

The following list outlines our basic requirements and should help you understand the purpose of data collection.

  • To help create and manage your account.
  • To establish the extent of services you require.
  • To offer promotional materials tailored to your needs.
  • To enhance your browsing experience.
  • Other uses concern general satisfaction and user experience.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

We store your information for as long as necessary to serve you better. We will delete your data when we no longer need our services. However, you can view and restrict the way we use the information. Send us an email if you wish to segment the data you don’t want us to share. You have the right to be forgotten, so we will initiate the process according to protocol per your request. However, the process may take a while, in line with existing legislation.