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Revolut is a secure and fast digital banking system accepted by some of the best new online casinos in the industry. This article will explain everything you need to know about Revolut casinos. This includes how to deposit with the payment method, the top new online casinos that accept the option, and the pros and cons of using Revolut. So, keep reading if you are thrilled to learn all that and more. 

Online Casinos that Accept Revolut

Since players at online casinos are always looking for secure ways to deposit and withdraw winnings, Revolut stands out. It is a UK-based financial technology brand founded in 2015 with over 200 million users. This payment method is unique for many reasons. First, the processing speed is fast, so you don’t have to wait too long to receive your winnings at Revolut casinos. Besides, the fees are relatively lower compared to some other banking methods. 

Several top new online casinos in the US accept Revolut as a primary deposit and withdrawal method. You can check our list of recommended Revolut Casinos below, and these operators are well-known for offering top-quality services. You can play numerous exciting games that cut across different types and themes while you enjoy incredible bonuses. These include deposit bonuses claimable with Revolut deposits, free spins, reload bonuses, and lots more. 

Check our recommended casino list below if you are looking for an amazing gambling experience at new US casinos. Before recommending any Revolut casino, our team has carefully vetted different aspects such as licensing, game selection, bonuses, etc. This way, you can be confident that these casinos are safe and legit.





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Table of Contents

    How to Make a Deposit in Revolut Casinos

    revolut Depositing money at Revolut casinos is pretty straightforward. This is because the payment method is easy to use, and the best new online casinos that accept the option also have a simple deposit process. But before you can start using Revolut, you first need to set up an account with the payment operator. 

    Download the Revolut app, enter your mobile number, create a passcode for your account and fill out the registration form. After that, you can verify your identity to increase your transaction limits and request a Revolut card. 

    With an active Revolut account, follow these steps to make a deposit in Revolut casinos.

    Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    Tools Needed: Account
    Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Step 1

    Create an Account with a Revolut Casino

    The first step to depositing in Revolut casinos is creating an account with a new online casino that accepts the payment method. You can select from our list of recommended Revolut casinos, and their registration process is easy. Click on the signup/register button on the casino site, fill out the registration form and follow the instructions provided to set up an active account.

    Step 2

    Choose Revolut as Your Payment Option

    With an active account with a Revolut casino, head to the Cashier page and click on the Deposit button. This should display all available banking options, and you can choose Revolut as your preferred deposit option.

    Step 3

    Make Your Deposit

    The next step is to specify the amount you want to deposit and fill out other required information on the payment page. These include your Revolut card number, CVV, and expiration date. Make sure you cross-check the information to avoid any issues.

    Step 4

    Approve the Transaction

    As long as the Revolut details you provided are correct, the transaction will be approved instantly, and money will reflect in your casino account. You can then play your preferred casino games.

    PayPal vs Revolut Casinos

    Revolut is different from PayPal in some ways. While both are payment methods accepted by some of the best new online casinos, they tend to solve different problems for their users. Below, we have highlighted some of the differences between PayPal and Revolut casinos. 

    checked.svgComes with budgeting tools, and you can split bills.
    checked.svgComes with budgeting tools
    checked.svgRevolut fees are relatively lower
    not-checked.svgConsiderably higher fees
    checked.svg24/7 hour customer support
    not-checked.svgPoor customer support
    not-checked.svgOffers no personal account managers
    not-checked.svgNo personal account managers
    checked.svgComes with budgeting tools, and you can split bills.
    checked.svgRevolut fees are relatively lower
    checked.svg24/7 hour customer support
    not-checked.svgOffers no personal account managers
    checked.svgComes with budgeting tools
    not-checked.svgConsiderably higher fees
    not-checked.svgPoor customer support
    not-checked.svgNo personal account managers

    Pros and Cons of Revolut Casinos

    As with every online casino method, Revolut has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the significant benefits of Revolut is that most online casinos accept it due to the MasterCard and Visa connections. You can use the option as a regular debit card to deposit and withdraw. Besides, compared to many other casino banking methods, Revolut fees are relatively lower. Despite the many advantages of Revolut, the payment option is not without its own drawbacks. First, not every online casino accepts Revolut as a primary deposit and withdrawal option. Likewise, withdrawing winnings using the option is relatively slow and can take a few days. 

    Below we have detailed these pros and cons to help you understand how best to use the payment method and enjoy a great experience playing at Revolut casinos. 


    • Accepted by most new online casinos directly or indirectly
    • The fees are relatively lower
    • Uses high-end tools to ensure top-notch security 
    • Easy to set up
    • Supports numerous currencies
    • Fast deposit transactions


    • Slower withdrawal times
    • Lower limits
    • Not accepted by all online casinos


    Revolut is no doubt an excellent payment method to use at online casinos. We’ve discussed how the option works as well as the pros and cons. Compared to some banking options, Revolut is easier to set up, and the fees are relatively lower. Besides, top Revolut casinos offer numerous exciting games and bonuses, and their processing speed is decent. But remember, you need to set up an account with Revolut and request its card before you can start using it.


    What is Revolut?

    Revolut is a digital banking system that lets you perform transactions efficiently, including depositing and withdrawing winnings at new online casinos.

    Do I Need to Pay Fees Using Revolut?

    Most top Revolut casinos do not charge processing fees for deposits and withdrawals. However, note that some fees come with using Revolut but are relatively lower.

    What Are Revolut Transaction Times?

    Deposit transactions are processed instantly using Revolut, while withdrawals can take between three and five business days.

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